Foundations of Seed Banking

95 mins・7 lessons・English
A beginner-level course that provides the fundamentals of restoration seed banking.

This is the second course in our Seed Conservation series, after Seed Collection.
Cost:  Free
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This course introduces new learners to core principles of seed banking and best practices for running a restoration seed bank. We cover each step of seed banking, including: 

  • Data management
  • Processing seeds
  • Drying seeds
  • Storing and withdrawing seeds
  • Simple germination testing

You'll gain the basic knowledge needed to set up and manage a small seed bank, plus the skills to successfully preserve viable seeds for several years of storage. By the end of this course, you'll be ready to start banking seeds to support your reforestation projects.

Who this course is for

  • Forestry & restoration professionals
  • Forestry & restoration students
  • Land stewards who want to bank seeds
  • People who are new to seed banking
  • People with seed collection experience, or who have taken our Seed Collection course

What you'll learn

  • Principles of seed banking
  • Best practices for restoration seed banks
  • Basic seed bank equipment & protocols
  • How to set up and manage a small seed bank to support restoration projects


Course Lessons

Meet the Instructor

Marian Chau
Head of Restoration Ecology for Terraformation. Seed, ecology, and biodiversity scientist. Founder of IUCN Seed Conservation Specialist Group. Botany PhD. He haumana mau loa o ka ʻāina.