How to get in touch

Have you spotted something that could use improvement? Usually this falls into one of two categories:

  Something exists, but isn't right (e.g., the wrong video loads, there's a broken link in a lesson's "Additional Materials," or we supply incorrect information in one of the lessons). 

 Something doesn't exist, but should (e.g., there's an important resource we forgot to mention or a topic we forgot to cover).
  • To file a suggestion: Enter your feedback into the course feedback form available upon completing a course (it appears as the last lesson after the Final Exam).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Terraformation Academy in beta? 

The training series we have launched is just the beginning of our knowledge offering. We are developing more learning content. We would also like to hear your feedback and suggestions.

How much time should I set aside for this?

Each course takes between 1.5 to 2.5 hours if you watch all the videos, take all the quizzes, and complete the Final Exam.

Can I download the courses? 

We currently don't support course downloads. If this is important for you or your organization, please contact us through

Are the courses available in different languages?

The courses are only available in English at the moment. We plan to roll out more languages in the future. Please send us feedback (email on what language you prefer and we will consider it for our future development. 

Are course transcripts available? 

We don't provide transcripts at the moment. If this is important for you, please contact

Can I have a live conversation with instructors?

Yes, you can request office hours by using this form. Please include the topics you want to discuss and we'll set up a video conference.

Will the courses always be free?

Terraformation Academy is currently in beta and available free of charge as we collect feedback from Academy participants. In future iterations or for additional courses, this pricing may change as we continue to develop our training approach for forest restoration projects worldwide.